Schedule of Rates

Schedule of Rates in PDF format

Dr. JP Purswell

Jerry. Purswell, Ph.D., P.E.:


This rate applies for consultation, travel, investigation, analysis, giving depositions, and court testimony, except as follows:

      • When the total professional time plus travel time exceeds 8 hours a day, then the travel time will be billed at a reduced rate of $195/hour for travel time in excess of 8 hours. Total time is calculated on a portal-to-portal basis.

Dr. JP Purswell

JP Purswell, Ph.D., P.E., C.P.E.


This rate applies for consultation, travel, investigation, analysis, giving depositions, and court testimony, except as follows:

  • When the total professional time plus travel time exceeds 8 hours a day, then the travel time will be billed at a reduced rate of $85/hour for travel time in excess of 8 hours. Total time is calculated on a portal-to-portal basis.
  • Senior Research Assistant/ Graphics Designer:



    All expenses will be billed at actual cost, including air fare, lodging, auto rental and food. Mileage for travel beyond the Colorado Springs area will be billed at the current mileage rate specified by the IRS when a personal vehicle is used. Coach airfare plus the cost of an upgrade will be billed if available. If not available, first class airfare will be billed.

    Photo or video documentation for consultant use is included in the professional rates. All other documentation, reproductions, exhibits, etc. will be billed at actual cost.

    Firm, fixed price contract pricing will be quoted on request for research studies in lieu of the above rate schedule.

    Finance Charge Information

    A 0.5% finance charge per month will be assessed on any unpaid balances over 30 days.

    Note regarding pre-payment requirements for third-parties

    If a client has an agreement with a third party (such as an opposing counsel) to pay all or a portion of the expenses, a retainer of $2000.00 must be received at our office at least a week prior to the date requested. If travel to a location outside of Colorado is required, an additional $2000.00 must be received at our office at least one week prior to the anticipated travel date. Any unused retainer funds will be refunded at the conclusion of the matter. 

    If no advance retainer is received, the client assumes responsibility for all charges.


    Consulting in Litigation Matters

    We have provided consultation (including expert testimony) on the listed issues for matters in litigation.

    References will happily be provided on request.

    Hazard Analyses

    A hazard analysis uses one or more system safety techniques to identify hazards associated with the intended use and foreseeable misuse of a product. Accident databases are also consulted to identify possible injury modes. Once a list of hazards is developed changes in the product design or instructions and warnings to accompany the product are developed to address the identified hazards.

    Risk Assessments

    A product or process is evaluated both for the likelihood of injury and/or property damage as well as the severity of injury and/or property damage. Risk reduction techniques are then applied to reduce both the likelihood and severity of the risk as feasible.

    Information Interface Designs
    Forklift Investigation User interface designs are evaluated by asking representative users to complete actual tasks with a particular product to identify where user confusions may arise. If the testing reveals difficulties or ambiguities with the design, recommendations for changes are provided. Then the user testing can be repeated to confirm that the change has resolved the user confusions. Particular consideration is given to those interface-induced user confusions which may result in injury.
    Warning Development and Evaluation
    Warnings and instructions can alert users to particular hazards associated with a product and instruct the user in the precautions necessary to avoid harm. The ultimate utility of a warning depends on both the warning as well as the user’s willingness to notice, read, and understand the warning message and then follow the warning’s precautions. A hazard analysis of the product is usually the first step in this process to identify those hazards which the warnings need to address.

    We also assist clients in determining which if any, regulatory standards may be applicable to content and format of the warnings for their products. Where no specific government regulation for a warning for a particular product exists, beginning with a hazard analysis, we assist clients to identify appropriate content, format, size and placement of the warning messages based upon the empirical literature on warnings effectiveness as well as consensus standards. Consultations on warnings development and review range from briefing the client on the necessary elements of a warning to actually producing “camera-ready” warnings for a product. We have also designed and conducted tests of the warnings with representative users who are asked to use the product.

    Product Instruction Manual Development

    Consultations on user manuals are provided to improve the readability, organization, and completeness with particular focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the anticipated user. Manuals are also reviewed to ensure that appropriate safety instructions and warnings are included. As with the development of on-product warnings discussed above, we can provide “camera-ready” files for manuals to clients.

    Development of Safety Data Sheets

    Safety Data Sheets are required by OSHA for hazardous chemicals to which workers may be exposed. We have assisted manufacturers and importers of chemicals to develop Safety Data Sheets that comply with both OSHA and ANSI requirements for the ordering and content of these sheets. As of 2010, ANSI merged its standards for Safety Data Sheets and (on-product) Precautionary Labeling into one unified standard.

    Development of Safety Programs

    Consultations with employers on the development of OSHA-mandated safety training as well as site and application specific training to deal with specific hazards are provided. Guidance is also provided on the benchmarking of a particular company’s safety performance against its industry’s safety performance.

    Analysis of OSHA Compliance Issues

    Consultations on OSHA compliance issues are provided. We have advised clients on the requirements of General Industry and Construction standards and assisted clients in responding to OSHA citations. Based on our knowledge of OSHA standards, compliance directives, and interpretations as well as the hearing record for the standard contained in the preambles to the standard, we have clarified the requirements of OSHA regulations for clients.

    We have also advised clients on what they may reasonably expect from an OSHA inspection, including likely areas of particular interest given the client’s industry and injury history. We have also provided guidance regarding the duties of various entities on multi-employer worksites as well as OSHA’s citation practices of ergonomic and heat stress hazards under the “General Duty” clause.
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